Friday, July 21, 2017

NLSC Members Learn the Cultural and Historical Significance of Yoga

On June 17, 2017, 21 National Language Service Corps (NLSC) Members from the Hawaii Regional Chapter participated in a unique cultural and educational opportunity as a means to network with one another and further develop a sense of comradery among the membership.

The event at the Maha Yoga Institute in Honolulu, HI featured a presentation on the Cultural and Historical Significance of Yoga.  Two reputable master yoga instructors with a combined 38 years of experience facilitated the event, as Members learned about yoga’s origins dating back to the 11th century and how this ancient Indian cultural practice has now proliferated around the world as a respected source of health and spiritual insight.

After learning about yoga’s rich diversity, the instructors provided a beginner level yoga session which focused on poses for relieving stress, improving sleep and breathing, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing emotional awareness.  Hawaii Regional Chapter Coordinator Loan Le provided attendees with NLSC program updates to conclude the event.  Participants in the workshop represented ten languages including Arabic, Mandarin, Farsi, Japanese, Laotian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

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